These are indeed strange and unprecedented times for all of us. It seems all too easy to lower our heads in sorrow, grief, and wonder for what we are all going through. Although times are difficult, I challenge you to turn this into an opportunity for growth, on a personal level, as well as a business level. I’m currently challenging myself to empathize and act accordingly to each situation and every client. It isn’t easy, but I certainly want to help people in the best way that I can. Here are some ways I believe we can take decisive action with what’s going on around us.

First, reach out! People are spending the majority of their time now at home in isolation (unless their families are driving them nuts). Be willing to talk to people via web or phone, connect, and begin to understand their situation. Understanding brings knowledge, and knowledge allows us to present a means for a more significant impact. As marketers and business professionals, we are mostly educators. We feed off of one another. We simply can’t solve a problem without first understanding it. Now is the best time to offer support, providing what ultimately what people need – information about what’s going to help them.

Secondly, double-down! More people are spending time on digital media now more than ever. Take advantage. If you’ve been savvy with your cash flow, your primed to take advantage of great opportunity when this all comes to an end, and the economy begins to recover. Take a good look at your marketing arsenal and develop a plan to act. Ask yourself a few questions. Who is my target audience, and how has my target audience changed because of the crisis? Where are they now spending their time? What are the issues they are facing, and how can I help? How can I best reach them? These are questions we should ask ourselves quite often; however, in times like this, the dynamics are changing right before our eyes. Step outside the box!

For some of us, it’s never easy to try something new or step outside our comfort zone. I’ve been there! However, usually, when I do, I always find the grass on the other side of the fence a little bit greener. Maybe it worked, perhaps it didn’t, but I still learned from the experience. We’re never too old to learn, and unless we venture, we do not gain! Force yourself to look at new opportunities and be open to learning. Educate yourself in the best way you know how.

I often remind myself that for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. It’s essential to take time to recognize what’s happening around us and realize that for every negative, there’s a positive. Search it out, exploit it, and learn from it. Once learned, you can pass it on and ultimately help others in the process.

We here at Williams Marketing Systems are willing and able to assist. We are working through the crisis, just like you, and engaging in any way we can. Please let us know how we can help you in your efforts to grow your business.

Until next time, stay safe out there! Keep up the spirit, and we’ll see the outcome out for the better.

Cheers! – Tony